Tender Notice 326-2017 Supply of Bath Soap
Tender Notice 327-2017 Request for Pre-qualification of Consultant/Architecture for Civil Works for PITAC HQ. Lahore
Tender Notice 328-2017 Hiring of Consulting firm to Conduct Socio – Economic Impact Assessment study of PITAC TRAINING and TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE SERVICES
Tender Notice 329-2017 Expression of Interest (EOI) Documents for Screening Test and Skill Test for Recruitment of Employees in PAKISTAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE CENTRE (PITAC) HQ; LAHORE
Tender Notice 321-2017 Renovation of Civil and Electrical works for PCT and PMD at PITAC HQ. Lahore
Tender Notice 322-2017 Electronic Items (Misc)
Tender Notice 323-2017 MISC Items
Tender Notice 324-2017 Jig Grinding Wheels 4
Tender Notice 317-2017 Electronic Items (Computers, Printers)
Tender Notice 318-2017 Electronic Items (Ac)
Tender Notice 319-2017 Purchase of Soap
Tender Notice 320-2017 EOI
Tender Notice 315-2017 Purchase of Computers for(HQ)Lahore
Tender Notice 314-2017 Purchase of Misc Items for(HQ)Lahore
Tender Notice 313-2017 Purchase of Furniture for(HQ)Lahore
Tender Notice 312-2017 Purchase of Misc Machines and Microscopes for(HQ)Lahore

Tender Notice 311-2017 Purchase of Ac for(HQ)Lahore
Tender Notice 310-2017 Purchase of Misc Items for(HQ)Lahore
Tender Notice 309-2017 Hiring of Services of Security Firm for (HQ)Lahore
Tender Notice 308-2017 Purchase of Printer Papers for (HQ) Lahore
Tender Notice 307-2017 Purchase of Electical Items(AC) for (HQ) Lahore
Tender Notice 306-2017 Purchase of Drafting stools For PCT, Lahore
Tender Notice 305-2017 Purchase of Misc Items (Kerosene oil, Soluble oil, Light Machine oil etc) For PCT
Tender Notice 304-2017 Purchase of Info & Comm Tech (Computers (i7), LED (18.5”), Photocopy Machine, Generator 2.5 KVA and UPS etc.) For PCT, Quetta
Tender Notice 303-2017 Purchase of Computer Tables and Computer Chairs For PCT, Quetta
Tender Notice 302-2017 Purchase of Furniture/ Fixture For PCT, Lahore
Tender Notice 301-2017 Purchase of Misc Items (UPS Solar Inverter, Dry batteries, Refrigerator etc.) For PCT, Lahore
Tender Notice 300-2017 Purchase of Misc Items (Laptop, Multimedia Projector, Projector Screen, Photocopy Machine etc.) For PCT, Lahore